Electronics at the service
of industry

Through our business line, IED Smartronics, at IED we offer solutions to virtually all industrial sectors, including renewable energy, construction, power tools, electric mobility and industrial automation.

With a young, highly-qualified staff supported by professionals with more than 40 years’ experience in the field of electronics, the work of IED is divided into four stages: design and development, manufacturing, verification and sales.

Case studies

Cranes / Elevators / lifts / service Lifts

Brake activator without boost

Releases electromechanical DC brake for electric motors.

Cranes / Elevators / lifts / service Lifts

Brake activator with boost

It releases DC electromechanical brake for electric motors with voltage spikes and maintains maintenance voltage to avoid heating and overconsumption.

Cranes / Power electronics / motor control

Rectifier for retarder power

350 W rectifier to power retarder DC motors.


Digital/analogue adapter for variator

Variator speed control system with digital input and 0-10 V analogue output

Electric mobility / Other / VMS vehicles / Vehicle Safety

Forklift interior/exterior detector

Interior or exterior detection system for forklifts based on laser technology.

Meteorology / Other / More applications

RS485 to 4-20mA converter

RS485 protocol to 4-20 mA converter of application for GILL Instruments anemometers

Electric mobility / Other / Medical electronics

Electric stretcher controller

Electronics to manage the control and interface of an electric stretcher

Other / Shopping centres / Building

Seat charger

Charger for public seats. Provides USB device charger and mains power.

Electric mobility / Power electronics / motor control

Switched source for forklift

Switched power supply with 300 W power and wide range of input voltages to power the halogen lights of a forklift with a battery.

Industrial automation / Other / Shopping centres / Building

Programmable fragrance dispenser

Electronic with timer programmer function for a large facility fragrance dispenser

Other / More applications

Impedance adapter

Voltage level adapter for PLC inputs

Agriculture / Electrical tools


Electronic and power control of a professional pruning scissors. With patented anti-cut safety system.

Agriculture / Electrical tools

Thinning machine

Electronics of a professional 50 W rotary machine for the agricultural sector. Built-in smart battery charger.


Battery-powered irrigation scheduler

Electronic irrigation scheduler with wireless communications. Ultra Low Power design.

Elevators / lifts / service Lifts / Power electronics / motor control

Control of lifting platforms

Switching control and frequency variator customised for range of reduced mobility lifting platforms

Elevators / lifts / service Lifts / Industrial automation

Electronic control of a vehicle lift

Electronic switching control of a vehicle lift with editable parameters on display and a datalogger. Wi-Fi option

Low power wind energy / Power electronics / motor control

Battery charger for wind turbines

5 kW battery charger from a low power wind turbine for isolated systems.


Control of photovoltaic trackers

Electronics for charging batteries through solar panels using an MPPC algorithm.


Electronics for vending machines

Electronics for vending machines

Agriculture / Industrial automation / Other / Wireless installations

Wireless transmission of pulses between water meters and irrigation programmers

Remote transmission-reception of pulses.

Other / Medical electronics

Device for stress management

Electronics of a medical device for stress control. Miniaturised design with low consumption. Bluetooth Low Energy communication with Smartphone for downloading work history and parameterisation.

High power wind energy / Low power wind energy / Power electronics / motor control / Other / Electrical cabinets

Electric arc detector

Electric arc detector