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Guarantee policy

Our material is guaranteed for 15 months from the delivery date in case of new device against all manufacturing defects and 6 months of repaired device in the event that the device is not under guarantee, starting from the corresponding date of repair.

This guarantee is understood about the replacement of parts recognized as defective, without any compensation and making repairs in our workshops.

The guarantee does not apply in the case of replacements of repairs that result from normal wear of devices, damage from accidents, negligence or by the use of the devices in applications other than those for which they were intended.

It will not be accepted the guarantee of those devices in which the user had intervened. Repair, replacement or modifying of parts during the guarantee period will not be reason for extending the period of it.

There are devices or materials that due to its reduced cost or other logical reasons do not have guaranteed right. Only returning them will be admitted within 10 days of being supplied by IED.

We recommend our clients to communicate with IED prior to sending the devices in order to solve the problem without additional costs.

IED electronics reserves the right to send the material COD or cash, whatever the mod of payment agreed and to cancel the order before delivering if the buyer files bankruptcy or it is called of these procedures by third parties.

IED is not responsible for delivery delays due to force majeure and/or to the causes beyond the control of IED


Any claims for defects in quantity or quality of the products will be written to the SUPPLIER through email or fax within 10 days after the date of dispatch order.

Management Protocol guarantee for device repair

In case of damage, the customer must follow the following protocol management:

1. Contact to IED ELECTRONICS to report about the fault (device reference and serial number) in order to start the repair request.

2. Shipping of the faulty device to IED ELECTRONICS premises prepaid.
IED ELECTRONICS will check the device.  In case a budget is needed and it is not accepted a net amount of 30 € /per unit will be charged.

3. If the device is under guarantee, IED ELECTRONICS will repair or replace it and sends it to the client.
The initial prepaid freight by the customer will be also returned.

4. If the device is not under guarantee IED ELECTRONICS proceed as follows:

I.    If the cost of repairing the device is less than 50% of the price of the device, IED ELECTRONICS will repair directly.
II.   If the cost of repairing the device is more than 50% of the price of the device, IED ELECTRONICS will give a  budget to the  customer in order to validate it or not.
III.   If it’s not possible to repair the device, IED ELECTRONICS will offer a new device to replace it. In case of not being accepted, only 50% of the diagnosis will be charged, net amount of 15,00 €/ unit.
In this case, freights, being out of guarantee, are paid by the customer.
There is no repair of a device if the budget repair exceeds 50% of its value, unless otherwise indicated by the customer.
If within 2 months from the issue of the budget, it has not been answered, we will assume that there is no interest in repair, and therefore the product will go directly to scrapping.

In any case, IED ELECTRONICS will be exclusively responsible for all the freight of those devices under guarantee. These cover only freight shipment from the direct customer to IED ELECTRONICS stores, not taking charge or the indirect freights originated among our customers and third parties, or the internal customer.