Electronics at the service
of industry



IED Electronics belongs to the following associations:


FEM-AEM is an eminently technical association at the service of companies in the maintenance sector or related to it, either as users or for providing services. The goals of FEM-AEM are:

-To group companies and technicians, manufacturers, distributors, users, engineers, consultants and equipment rental and maintenance and storage systems together
-To represent its members in negotiations with the Administration
-To report on the state of development of rules and regulations that affect the sector
-To promote and participate in contests and technical, economic or commercial meetings at the national and international level.
-To draft and distribute standards and other documents related to maintenance and storage, in order to improve the technical conditions of the market, intensify risk prevention and increase productivity
-To provide advice on specialist topics for people and companies as well as the Administration
-To organize technical seminars and specialized courses


Secartys is a non-profit business group that has been working since 1968 to promote the competitiveness of its members and position them abroad. It works to provide service to Spanish companies in the following sectors: Electronics; ICT, Leisure and Electronic Entertainment; Professional Audiovisual; Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency; Domotics, Building Automation and Smart Cities and Lighting.


Solartys, Spanish Cluster of Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency, represents the interests of companies, technology centres and universities that make up this sector. It is recognised by the Ministry of Industry as an Association of Innovative Companies (AEI) since 2009. The goal of Solartys is to work for the improvement of competitiveness in companies through four basic lines of action:

-Promoting R&D
-Training workers
-Seeking funding for any project carried out by its members


The Navarre Foundation for Excellence was created in 1999 at the initiative of the Government of Navarre, with the aim of promoting good management practices and Models of Excellence among all organisations in Navarre. Since 2015, it is a non-profit private Foundation, managed by a business Board of Trustees of which the Government of Navarre is also a member.


The Association for the Progress of Management (APD) is a private, non-profit, independent entity created in 1956, listed as being of public utility and international scope that aims to build the Common Good through the professional and personal development of managers and entrepreneurs, along with companies and professionals who believe, as we do, in the need for a stronger, more dynamic society prepared to face present and future challenges. Far from any political approach or anything representing the defence of corporate and professional interests, thanks to its objectivity and independence, APD has managed to become one of the most prestigious forums for debate and contacts at the national and international levels.


The Navarre Industrial Foundation is a non-profit organization created in 2014 by the Official Association of Industrial Engineers of Navarre and the Association of Industrial Engineers of Navarre. Our main goal is to promote the industrial and economic development of Navarre by helping companies be more competitive. We organise the activities that are propose to us, always encouraging mutual support and shared learning. Therefore, it is a project based on collaboration in which companies are the central figure.


The mission of Enercluster is to engage all stakeholders with the capacity to strengthen the wind power sector in Navarre and become an active player within the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Navarre S3 promoted by the Department of Economic Development of the Navarre Government. Enercluster participates in the diversification of activities in the industrial sector related to wind energy, in research, development and innovation projects, a search of international markets for its new products and, ultimately, the improvement of the competitiveness among member companies and institutions.