Electronics at the service
of industry



To identify opportunities to generate value in the application of technology for today’s market.

To identify markets where the application of new technologies allows for growing competitiveness and to specialise in them.


Technology is the most powerful lever for human development because of its impact on productivity and the release of resources for other tasks.

In a European setting, only innovation through the application of technology in processes and products will allow us to be competitive in a globalised world.

Electronics and associated new technologies (communications, data management, etc.) are a core part of the next technological revolution and will be a key element for the competitiveness of European and world industry.

IED aims to lead technological transformation in the sectors in which it operates (and in which it will operate) through in-depth knowledge of its needs and the proactive proposal of innovative solutions that increase the value created between the parties.


Technical rigour

Ethical rigour

Long-term thinking

Impact analysis on the total life cycle of the product supplied

Prioritising maximised value creation even over the capture of value

Risk control

Never rejecting failure but learning from it

Social impact awareness