Electronics at the service
of industry


Case studies

Forklift interior/exterior detector

Interior or exterior detection system for forklifts based on laser technology.

RS485 to 4-20mA converter

RS485 protocol to 4-20 mA converter of application for GILL Instruments anemometers

Electric stretcher controller

Electronics to manage the control and interface of an electric stretcher

Seat charger

Charger for public seats. Provides USB device charger and mains power.

Programmable fragrance dispenser

Electronic with timer programmer function for a large facility fragrance dispenser

Impedance adapter

Voltage level adapter for PLC inputs

Wireless transmission of pulses between water meters and irrigation programmers

Remote transmission-reception of pulses.

Device for stress management

Electronics of a medical device for stress control. Miniaturised design with low consumption. Bluetooth Low Energy communication with Smartphone for downloading work history and parameterisation.

Electric arc detector

Electric arc detector