Electronics at the service
of industry


IED Electronics offers comprehensive service throughout the life of the product, before starting the project with technical consulting in order to choose the most appropriate technology for each case, until the equipment is in the market with its after-sales service.

After sales + Guarantee

The services offered by IED Electronics do not end with the delivery of the product. We have a technical after sales department prepared to solve any incident that may arise during installation and operation. Similarly, we have a repair service for cases that are necessary. From all this, a study is made for the continuous improvement of our equipment and services.

Given that the market is constantly evolving, IED Electronics provides equipment software and firmware updates, adding new functionalities or adapting existing ones to extend the life cycle of the products. This service also solves the problems that otherwise could arise due to component obsolescence.

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• Technical assistance via e-mail and telephone

• Software and hardware updates

• Redesign/Modification of equipment

• Equipment repairs

• Analysis of possible product failures for continuous improvement

• Returns management