Electronics at the service
of industry


IED Electronics offers comprehensive service throughout the life of the product, before starting the project with technical consulting in order to choose the most appropriate technology for each case, until the equipment is in the market with its after-sales service.

Electronic engineering and industrial design

Our engineering specialises in bespoke designs, putting at your disposal all our knowledge to carry out the development that best fits the design of your product. Our engineers have extensive experience in the development of hardware and software, always looking for the best possible option designing functional, innovative and optimised products. Our team also has experience in conducting electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety tests, as well as CE and UL certifications.

• Development of electronic equipment:
– Programming of all micro types
– Routing of printed circuits (multilayer, flexible, etc.)
– Projects of different types
– Development of mechanical Parts
– Approvals and product certifications.
– First prototypes

• Experience in the industrial sector.

• Optimised design adapted to the latest technologies.

• Selection of manufacturers and brands to ensure the highest process and product quality.

• Total quality: we have the most complete computer-aided design tools to shape your product, as well as experience and knowledge in materials science and technology